• Strained relationships between management and staff are counter-productive. Deal with them decisively.

  • Performance management can be devastating. Ensure a correct process is followed to minimise problems.

  • Deal with stress early, and always be on the lookout for triggers that could mean problems are coming up.

  • For all employees, contract review and negotiation is a minefield. Get it checked before you sign it!

  • Never let bullying thrive. It destroys businesses and shatters confidence in otherwise good workers.

ERNZ Consultants is an employment relations service for both employers and employees.

Our advocates and consultants have combined backgrounds in intervention, counselling, employment law, negotiation, representation, business, and extensive experience in working with and for our communities. We aim to provide high quality, cost effective advice and solutions to all of our clients.

In working with our clients, we like to take an holistic approach to their problems and will provide you with advice that aims to prevent further problems arising in the future. We try our best to look for solutions that work for both parties. We will not only support you, but empower you to take control of your situation and learn from it.

You can make an appointment over the phone, or via the online bookings system. If you want a FREE review of your employment problem, fill in our online form and someone will get back to you to discuss moving forward.

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