The most common advice given to workers is “Keep a diary”. If everything goes pear-shaped at work, you’ll be glad you did! Find out how to!
 If you need to remember the when and what, there’s nothing better than having a diary entry to refer to!

Every employee should have a diary to make contemporaneous notes of incidents at work. It may not seem so important now, but it could be priceless to you if everything goes pear-shaped in a hurry.

It doesn’t matter if you use a regular notebook or an electronic journal, but whatever you use you need to be able to copy or print the whole thing when it’s needed most.

Our favourite tool for electronic diaries is the Red Notebook. You can either use it at work or at home, whichever makes you feel more comfortable. (Totally understand why some employees wouldn’t want the boss to catch them making notes in their diary at work!)

RedNotebook is a modern journal for everyday use either on your home computer or as a portable app you carry with you as an electronic take-anywhere version.And the best part is - it's FREE!

It includes calendar navigation, customizable templates, export functionality and word clouds. You can also format, tag and search your entries.

One of the great things about RedNotebook is it's portability. You can take it to work with you every day to log phone calls, text messages, letters, meetings (formal and informal), and you can even keep track of your interactions with colleagues and managers by creating a diary dedicated to them.

You could have a diary called Evidence if you're a victim of bullying - and keep records as you find them or as they happen of all the incidents that show a 'pattern of behaviour' of another colleague. 

Disciplinary investigation underway? Make sure you keep a record of every call, letter, request to meet, offhand comment, watercooler gossip... all in your little RedNotebook.

Keep it open during the day (make sure you lock down if you walk away from your computer) or take a half hour every night to recap what's happened that day. Your diary will become your evidence if you need it later!

Strongly recommended for teachers, nurses, and anyone working with the public (i.e. shop assistants).

RedNotebook is Free Software under the GPL