Is your job killing you? For many employees, working is a health hazard. Find out how being addicted to your job can be deadly.
So your boss is a tyrant and your work/life balance is nearly gone. But how much is too much?

Japanese society wrings its hands over karoshi, a work ethic so dangerous, it literally kills or permanently incapacitates affected office workers.

They fall victim to heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, strokes, and other deadly diagnoses - and all because these devoted employees grow addicted to their jobs. Sometimes this happens to fulfill some unfulfilled inner need. Sometimes this happens because they fear getting laid off and fired, unable to care for themselves and their families. But the tragic risks remain the same.

Online Psychology talks about karoshi in the context of culture, corporate culture, and developing technology. Its symptoms are explored, and the need for change discussed. This is a great read for HR Personnel, Employers, and Employees alike.

Corporate structure is placing more demand than ever before on its managers and employees alike. The pressure to perform or lose your job is enormous. But no job is worth dying for. If you think you’re being unfairly pressured to do more, start keeping a record of what you do with your working hours and talk frankly and openly to your boss about it.

Health and safety at work includes not placing employees under undue stress to accomplish the impossible, or die trying. Your employer has a duty to consider your health in setting your individual goals at work.

Need help knowing what to say and to whom? Give me a call and I will help you to frame your discussion with your manager or boss.

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